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Puppet storytelling

Be sure to visit the Ideas page within this "Storytelling Resources for You" group of pages. It will alert you to the newest posts on Storytelling + Research = LoiS. This handout from my Storytelling with Puppets workshop gains immensely by my demonstrations. In the meantime I hope it helps get you started!


  • Answer and ask questions and riddles
  • Be in a story or play as lead character or 1 of many
  • Comment on story or poem
  • Dress and use props to match theme or holiday
  • Express feelings and emotions
  • Fingerplays
  • Get-acquainted with children, especially if shy
  • Hug
  • Improvise an audience-created story // Introduce people or other puppets
  • Joke-telling
  • Kids can make puppets and join you
  • Lead group participation
  • Mime a story
  • Narrate a story
  • Offer prizes and rewards
  • Play an instrument // Play games // Present "Commercials"
  • Quietly sit and listen to program
  • Read aloud, including Recite poetry
  • Sing // Swallow things // Sign autographs (including pawprints)
  • Teach anything (e.g. concepts, library instruction, rules) // Turn the pages in a book // Talk about books
  • Use sign language if your puppet is full-fingered
  • Narrate a story
  • Vary the mood and pace of a program
  • Whisper comments and messages to puppeteer // Welcome audience and end program
  • X marks the spot(s) where you do walk-arounds, parades, and promote programs
  • Yell and act crazy since the puppeteer is usually quieter
  • Zip around and add visual interest

Lois with puppet