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Lois in Birmingham

Storytellers are advised to offer only a few programs. It is believed listing too many programs confuses people. After telling stories since 1970, often developing a new program every week, LoiS believes you deserve to see some of the many topics possible. With such a large repertoire of tales, it's easy to develop a program to fit your needs with stories from around the world and back through time.

  • African-American Stories Collected in Michigan
  • Anansi and the Gift of Stories - African and Caribbean folktales told with spider puppet
  • American Sign Language - The third most used language in the U.S. is taught in stories told in voice and sign along with basic signs and fingerspelling
  • Applefest - Delicious stories from around the world
  • Around the World Water Cruise in Stories
  • Biblical World and Our World - Stories from the Bible and stories illustrating Biblical ideas
  • Circus Is Coming! - The various acts of the circus have stories to be told
  • Down-Under Tales - Several programs are available: Tall tales unique to Oz; tales of Australian animals; or a ghost-lovers look at spooky places and a tale that rivals Titanic; Blinky Bill the Koala (with puppet)

  • Earth Is Our Home - Celebrate the elements that make our world
  • Family Comes First - Stories featuring family members
  • First Came the Anishinaabe - Michigan and the Great Lakes area First People call themselves the Anishinaabe. You may know them as the Chippewa, Ojibwa, or Ottawa, but do you know their stories?
  • Friends: The Good, The Bad, and Avoiding Acting Ugly
  • Great Lakes, Great Stories
  • Have Stories, Will Travel - Design a program to match country or countries or continents (excluding Antarctic) of your choice
  • Hi-Bear-nating Tales - Stories about bears here in Michigan and around the world
  • Holiday Happenings - Celebrate holidays with stories
  • Imagination Station - stories of wonder and fantasy
  • Jokes, Chuckles, and Tales with Smiles
  • Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes, Knights, & Dragons
  • Liberetta Lerich Green, her life in Michigan 100 years ago and earlier (See Historical Programs on this website.)
  • Michigan People Have Stories - Tailor this program to the ethnic background of your group with tales to match their origins
  • Nature Is All Around Us - Learn about plants, stars, and animals through stories
  • Spooky Tales and Happenings of Michigan and the Great Lakes
  • Spooky World - International version of stories tailored to match the level of scariness for different age groups
  • Stories That Dance - International assortment of stories told by LoiS at the Detroit Institute of Art Degas exhibit
  • Tales for Winners - Varied tales of sports & physical activities, many including strong female heroes
  • Tall Tales as Big as You Wish - Original and traditional tall tales, with a look at how to create your own Whopper
  • Turkish Delight - Tales of the Hodja are told throughout the Middle East under various names, but Turkey claims to have been where it all began
  • Underground Railroad & the Civil War from the Michigan homefront, including Music (see Historical Programs)
  • Voices of Our Ancestors - Timeless tales matched to times, people, or places of your choice
  • When the Wind Blows - Stories about Weather and the Seasons
  • X = What You Need - Design a program on the theme YOU need
  • Yell About Yellow, Green, or Blue - Explore some of the many stories that relate to colors
  • Zoo Who's Who and Beyond - Stories about an individual animal of your choice or an assortment (some are told with a puppet)

This list was created ages ago. They are still available and even MORE now exist.