Each  year LoiS creates a program to match the multi-state summer reading program theme. This coming summer she will bring Once Upon a Galaxy – Tales from all over the earth about what we see in the sky.

When not creating a new program, she loves going back to an earlier one of water related stories in a Round the World Storytelling Cruise which has entertained a wide range of audiences from Jackson Storyfest to families at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and also in libraries and school assemblies.

Find LoiS also in the MI Arts & Humanities Touring Grants directory

Always glad to have you!

Kathy Rice, Troy Public Library, Troy, MI

LoiS often includes puppet sidekicks to add to the fun. For example Buzz, her puppy puppet brings a bit of humor and audience participation dressed as a lifeguard from the Storytelling Cruise Around the World program and doing what else?

 . . . the Dog Paddle!   (AAARGH!)

LoiS and Priscilla Gorilla cheered reading, with Build a Better World! Find some Cheers at her blog, Storytelling+Research=LoiS using the topic tag: Summer Reading.  This is always a great program for reading and helps create a bullying-free community – adaptable to schools and libraries.

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